Dry Area Techniques

They use the cosmetic line elaborated with the mineralomedicinal water
to apply their unique properties to beauty and relaxation.

Dry Area Techniques


Wellness with essential oils of rosemary and orange or chamomile and lavender

35 min.
Price: 35 €

Aromatic candle wax massage

Massage, warmth and aromatherapy.
Relax your body and your senses

30 min.
Price: 40 €

Vichy massage

Underwater massage to enjoy the benefits of water and massage combined

25 min.
Price: 50 €


Application of sludge.
Relieves muscle aches

One Zone, Price: 10 €
Two Zones, Price: 12 €


Treatments with chocolate, mud, grape and green tea.
Moisturizes and purifies the skin

40 min.
Price: 40 €


Treatment to recover the vitality of the skin

40 min.
Price: 40 €

Facial Oxygenation

Oxygen, mask and hydration to renew inside and out

30 min.
Price: 30 €

Own Cosmetic Line

An own line of cosmetic products, elaborated with the water of the spring of the Spa of Alange.