Castrum Colubri's Castle

Fortress erected by the Arabs in the 9th century under the name of Hisn Al-Hanash (Castle of the Culebra) that passes from Muslim hands to Christian and viceversa repeatedly, until around 1243 is under the power of the Order of Santiago. Still today can be seen part of the walled enclosures, the cisterns and the Tower of Homage.

Nuestra Señora de los Milagros Church

Declared a Monument of Historical and Artistic Interest, in Gothic-Mudejar style, construction began in 1.508, finishing the works in 1.550. The construction is done in brick, emphasizing some elements of azulejería of the time. The interior of the church, which consists of five bodies, has been restored in 2008.

San Bartolomé's Hermitage

Located next to the building of the Spa, the current hermitage is of simple construction, framed in the typology of Extremadura popular architecture. Its interior consists of a single nave from which starts a small chapel dedicated to the invocation of the Christ of the Remedies.