The water is the Reason for Being of the Spa, the reason of its history and existence. It comes from a medicinal mineral spring discovered in remote times, though it is the use by the Romans, attracted by the great therapeutic worth, what gives origin to Alange Resort. Since the water was declared of Public Use in 1869, the resort has enlarged its facilities and built-in the latest technologies of hydrotherapy. But the water remains inalterable to the passage of time, and continues being the heart of all treatments.


Alange's water was already known in the Roman civilization as elixir of health. It springs from very deep layers of the earth, enriching herself while flowing upwards with energy alpha (radon 222 and 226) and minerals such as lithium, carbonates and bicarbonates of sodium, magnesium and calcium, which places this water among the few in Europe specially indicated for the nervous system. Mentioned particular composition allows, under the treatments and prescriptions of medical specialists, achieving benefits in affections of the locomotive and cardiorespiratory system as well as for different gynaecopathies and allergies.


In the third century the Romans built two thermal baths on the place where the spring is located, a few kilometres from ancient Emerita Augusta. Arabians, Visigoth, Castilian, different cultures and peoples established themselves one after another becoming part of the history of the resort and leaving each of them their own legacy. As of the 19th Century the original Roman Spa is integrated into a larger thermal infrastructure, swimming pools on the spring, marble tubs, massage cabins, shower galleries, hydro-massage pools and a vast backyard which suggest the traditional Central European Health Resorts.


From the origins, Alange seduces those seeking for a place to let the body rest and their spirits calm down. That is the purpose of hydrothermal treatments as well as of massages, beauty treatments and other techniques of the kind. The hotels, wide gardens to time out on the sun or practise the Kneipp Cure, the lake spreading along the town, the nearby golf course and the hiking routes provide the ideal environment for those who look for balance and quietness.