The mineral-medicinal water has always been the raison d'être of the spa and the basis of all hydrothermal and beauty treatments.

Characteristics of Waters

The spring water originates in very deep layers of the earth, enriched in its ascent of alpha energy (radon 222 and 226) and minerals like lithium, bicarbonates of sodium, magnesium and calcium carbonates.

Therapeutic indications

The origin and main purpose of a Spa has always been the use of the mineral medicine waters branded by its therapeutic value to the treatment and prevention of several diseases. However, the hydrothermal therapies and the natural environment of the Spas increasingly invite people looking forward to quietness. Nevertheless we may keep in mind that the essence of this Spa is the Health, and the Water is its main factor.

Affections of the nervous system:

-Neurovegetative dystopias
-Migraines, severe headaches, neuralgias and insomnia
-Symptomatic psychosis, nervous exhaustion, depressive states, essential epilepsy
-Neurosis and psycho motive uneasiness of the childhood
-Postmenopausal syndrome


-Other diseases of the female genital apparatus.

Irregularities of the circulatory apparatus:

-Intermittent limpness
-Moderate hypertension
-Inflammation of the arteries, venous insufficiency and varicose veins

Affections of the locomotive apparatus:

-Arthritis of whichever location
-Rheumatic arthritis in no-severe phases
-Rheumatics in soft zones (muscles, ligaments)
-Recuperation for traumatisms of general and sport character (lumbalgiae, sciatica)

Allergic disreactions:

-Allergic sensibilization in general.

Affections of the respiratory apparatus:

-Chronicle catarrhal laryngitis
-Chronicle spastic bronchitis
-Bronchial asthma
-Children's relapsing catarrhal processes.


The treatment has side-effects for patients with the following ailments or diseases: malignant growth, caquexy, active tuberculosis, severe disorders of the nervous system, uncompensated cardiopathies, negropathy and hepatopathy. Patients at a spa with unusual or significant complaints must bring their clinical history and count on companion.

Water studies

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Scientific Considerations on the Mineromedicinal Water Characteristics of the Alange Spa and its Health Effects

Dra. C. Serrano Moreno
Dr. H. E. Jimeno Barrios
Dra. F. Vázquez Fuentes
Dra. M. Romero Martín
(Spa Medical Cabinet)

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Experimental Study on Vegetative Aspects of Germs in Mineral-Medicinal Waters and Direct Seeding in Membrane Filtration of Spring Waters and Crenoterápicas Facilities of Alange Spa

Dra. Concepción Serrano Moreno
Con la dirección de:
Josefina San Martín Bacaicoa
Margarita Romero Martín

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Publication in "Journal of Water and Health" on: "Survival of human pathogenic bacteria in different types of natural mineral water"

Dra. Concepción Serrano
Dra. Margarita Romero
Dr. Luis Alou
Dr. David Sevillano
Dra. Iluminada Corvillo
Dr. Francisco Armijo
Dr. Francisco Maraver